Scott B. Price, CPA


October 26, 2016

We are writing to notify you that the State of California’s Franchise Tax Board (FTB) has launched an enhanced “My FTB” program. The upgraded system provides safe and secure tax account information online for both individuals and businesses.

This online service allows our firm and professional staff to register on your behalf as your tax preparer. As part of our tax preparation services, registering allows us to confirm information regarding your tax account with the FTB, such as, current year estimated tax payments, prior year overpayments, and account balances. If we are registered as your authorized tax preparer we have access to the following account information:

• View account balance and tax year details.
• View estimated payments and credits before filing a return.
• View payment history.
• View a list of filed tax returns (cannot view images of returns).
• View California wage and withholding information.
• View FTB-issued 1099 information.

Our professional staff will use this tool primarily to help us ensure that we have reported estimated tax payments accurately on your California tax returns. The system allows us to review any notices and correspondence that the FTB has sent to you regarding your tax accounts. We can then post a Power of Attorney to the account when one is necessary. Access to this information allows us to be more efficient in preparing your tax returns and to address notices that you receive from the FTB.

We are in the process of registering our clients within this system and you will receive a notice regarding your “My FTB” account. The FTB will be generating and sending notices as we register your account online. The notification will identify the member of our team that has requested access to your FTB account. In most instances the request will be made by the member of our team who works with your account on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about the name of the person referenced on the FTB correspondence, you can call the office for confirmation, or check our website, , and visit the About Us tab, where all of the members of the firm are listed, along with brief biographical data.

We are confident that the website is safe and secure and our firm takes every precaution to safeguard your private account information. If you are not comfortable with us having access to your “My FTB” account please let us know and will work with you directly on payment verifications.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott B. Price